Monday, May 4, 2009

I Returned To The Park For Chalk Drawings.

I returned to the park as I announced last. It's been about six months since I enjoyed the drawing there last year. From the park you can look at the statue of the Liberty. I came back at the middle of April starting new ones. I have waited until the weather got warm up. The first day was very nice but still little cool. Then we had a very hot weekend a couple of weeks ago. Just like the summer. Until then I took a little trip back to Japan in March. Tokyo, the busy city, Kyoto where I was born, and Kumamoto where my wife 's home town. I met some friends and family there. It was very good to see them, because I seldom go back there. From now on, every weekend I will be working the chalk drawing in the BPCP on the sunny days. Stop by when you get nearby.